Čoraz viac flexibilnejší PostHeads

by on July 22, 2014

Každá agentúra alebo klient funguje trochu inak. Niekedy je ku schváleniu obsahového plánu potrebný iba jeden človek, inokedy sa na schvaľovaní podieľa celý tím a občas je zase potrebné, aby plán schvaľovali rôzne osoby podľa aktuálnej potreby.

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PostHeads is now Open to Everyone!

by on March 5, 2014

Finally, the most anticipated moment is here. After more than a year in private beta, PostHeads is as of today open to everyone to claim their account and join some of the following clients who already gave us their trust:

ŠKODA AUTO, Becherovka, Bosch, Mattoni, Pernod Ricard.

Some of our clients

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Don’t stay late because of a photo album anymore! Schedule it!

by on December 5, 2013

Imagine this situation. You or your client hosted an amazing event, tons of photos have been taken, the best ones have been selected and you want to share them with the fans.


So you create a Facebook photo album – but hang on! Now you don’t have to do it on Facebook, do it directly in PostHeads. Take your time to select the photos you want, organize them and post them comfortably to your Facebook page. But there is one nifty unique feature you won’t find anywhere else, not even on Facebook itself – with PostHeads you will be able to time and schedule the posting of your albums!

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Get the most out of the content approval process

by on November 5, 2013

Today, we will be getting to the very core of PostHeads. The approval system is an important part of the tool and makes it as effective as it is. The key is the right setup in the process – to include the correct people in the structure and layers. Once set up properly, it’s a major timesaver. It ensures that everyone gets only the important piece of content or information and each member of the process is not spammed by tons of not-important stuff. In order to help you choose the setup that suits your business needs the most, we have chosen four model situations – read on!

A – Your agency creates all the content for your client

You’re an agency preparing and posting content on behalf of your client. The content approval setup in this scenario is very simple. All you need is to set up two companies – one for your agency and one for your client. The optimal way is that your agency setup has two layers and your client’s has only one.

Create one layer for your content creators and place everyone who is in charge of the account management and supervision on your side in the second layer. Your client only needs to comment or approve the content and therefore one layer on their side is enough.

The best use case is to choose as minimum star users on each level as necessary so your approval process won’t get stuck.

CA system 01

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3 features to look forward to in PostHeads

by on October 8, 2013

Join us on a journey to the future. No, this is not a sequel to the movie with Michael J. Fox involving a time-machine car, this is an introduction to the features you can expect and look forward to be part of PostHeads in the very near future.

01Upload your photo gallery using PostHeads

Sometimes a single photo just doesn’t cut it. What if you or your client hosted an event and you now have tons of photos you want to communicate to your fans. The optimal way is to create a Facebook photo gallery and with this feature that is currently in the works you will be able to create and upload your galleries directly from PostHeads. This will eliminate an excessive amount of work and time, no need to send emails with all the photos and descriptions to your external partners. Create, comment, edit, approve and post – it doesn’t get any simpler than that – all in one tool.

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